Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Byford - Not me guv

Byford (matching a pattern of people interviewed recently on Radio 5) was unrepentant and refused to give any straight answers.

When asked if he'd give any of the extra redundancy cash he got back, he couldn't just say "no" which is the honest answer - instead he squirmed about with some mealy-mouthed stuff about how he had been keen to establish that his payoff had been given the OK by top brass.

Asked if he thought he was worth the money, he again avoided saying yes (or no) and blustered on about how he had just apparently gratefully accepted his pay in 40 years of loyal service; as if he was some minor character in Dickens.

Not pleased about his great good fortune, just meekly accepting of it.

So that's it - no thought about if he was worth the cash (or presumably about where it was coming from) - at one point he even started to moan that he'd been invited on to "discuss something else" (i.e. for a massively valuable free plug for the book he's just written).

Wake up.  It really, really, isn't just a few embittered old gits like me writing pointless blogs - you, Byford, and all your pals need to get a grip on this stuff now or the BBC is finished.

For my part, I have (entirely legally) opted out of any further BBC funding until further notice.

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