Thursday, November 07, 2013

Richard Bacon and Mark Byford

Unsurprisingly, Bacon claims "no-one would give that money back", going on to say that no doubt one would have made plans for the cash - especially three years on.

Wake up Richard

1. Not many people are on the gravy train where they can get those kind of payoffs - I have friends who are still owed legitimate wages and expenses from an employer that went bust. 

2. Byford has a pension fund in excess of £3million - he doesn't need the money 

3. It would be more honest if Byford mounted a defence of it - but he couldn't even bring himself to suggest he's worth it - which suggests to me that he can't, because he (like almost anyone else), isn't.

4. I can't say whether I'd give it (or some of it) back if I was in his shoes, but I sincerely hope I would.

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