Thursday, November 07, 2013

Richard Bacon

I'm not a fan.  If he really is that vacuous, he shouldn't be on national radio.  If it's an act, why?

He's currently doing a fabulous job of asking inane questions of a clearly superior guest Hooman Majd.  

Having established that it's not permitted for a man to shake hands with a woman in Iran, he went on to opine that "It must lead to awkward moments when there are foreign diplomatic visitors*" - to which the guest simply and calmly pointed out that, unlike Bacon, visiting diplomats tend to be well researched and briefed rather than blithering fools with no idea and therefore it's not an issue. 

At the start of his programme, sorry "show" he told the tale of his promise to refund the BBC licence fee for anyone who didn't enjoy the interview he did with Sir David Attenborough.

Unsurprisingly (certainly to me) someone had asked him to make good on that promise.

I didn't hear the interview, but suspect I might have been tempted to ask for refund - except I've stopped paying the licence fee. 

In a previous "show" he pointed out that Alan Yentob had delivered a speech in which he said that he (Yentob) and Bacon were overpaid.  If Bacon is paid anything at all (and he is), that is certainly true.

*This may not be verbatim.

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