Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More on our beloved Legal System

I listened with growing anger to an item on BBC Radio 5 today about how the family of a man killed in a hit-and-run crash were treated by (almost) the entire legal establishment.

In just one of many stunners, the Clerk of the Court told the dead man's disabled mother off for having the temerity to have a bottle of water in court.

I've had to deal with this petty-fogging little Hitlers and their mega-Hitler bosses in the past.  There is almost none of my tax money I resent being spent more than propping up this corrupt, nasty, self-serving gang of self-satisfied gits (I am talking about Judges, Lawyers and all their hangers on).

The "Victim Statement" written from the heart by the victim's daughter was re-written by the lawyer (because nothing is allowed to stand in the way of the "majesty" of the law - especially not stuff like actual feelings and certainly not everyday language).  The family felt the driver who killed their loved one was a coward for not facing up to his actions, and for leaving the scene without offering any assistance - but that bit was left out of the victim statement - I mean heaven forbid the family might say anything bad about the guy that did that eh?

The senior Lawyer who was wheeled out to face the gentlest of BBC criticisms pathetically bleated about "lack of resources" as if that was an excuse for a lack of basic human decency.



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