Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Stolen Loyalty

I used to have some Airmiles.  Airmiles promised you could keep 'em "for ever".  Then they went bust and became Avios.  I had a few hundred Avios.

I logged onto my account today to find they've been stolen.  It seems that unless you earn more or spend some within a certain period, they just wipe out all you had.

Well stuff that - whatever these schemes were supposed to reward, they all end up leaving a bitter pill when you are prevented from spending them because the thieving swines don't honour the promise made when you sign up.

Is there actually no-one left you can trust?

Not quite the same, but this bloke had his stolen and his loyalty rewarded in a similar manner -

Update - I have a Shell "Loyalty" card - they have been merrily informing me that points earned from spending on fuel have been converted to Avios.  Except they haven't.  I still have zero Avios.

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