Monday, September 08, 2014

Co-op Meat Shortage alert

It looked like a great offer, and I've got so tired of ASDA's faulty self-service tills that I've switched my allegiance back to Co-op ( I left a full basket of shopping in ASDA awaiting the attention of the inept bloke who oversees it all when it once again started whining about stuff not being where it should be when it was).

Unfortunately, the Co-op has a different issue - the offer looks good, but you can't buy any of it because there isn't any -

I spoke the very nice woman on the checkout about it - but she didn't seem to be able to help.  Then I was collared by a woman doing a survey on the way out - I gave the appropriate rating for stock levels.

When I got home I thought about how far we've come with social media and so on, maybe I could drop them an e-mail to complain, so I did.

The response was about as redolent of East German Communism as the empty shelves -

"We currently have a high volume of customer queries, and this has caused a delay in our response times. Our current response time is between 7 - 14 days. 

If your email concerns a store based issue, please provide the following:

1. The address of the store concerned
2. The name or names of the staff involved if applicable
3. Your full postal address and a contact telephone number

If we do not receive the above required information or hear from you within three weeks of this email, we will consider the matter resolved and take no further action."

I may have to go back to ASDA after all, it's cheaper, has full shelves and I'll try and go at times when I can avoid the crappy self-service tills.

UPDATE: Called in to the Co-op again this morning on the way past.  It looks a bit less like East Germany but no sign of meatballs.  I spotted the manager and asked him about it.  He was remarkably frank - it seems that sales of meatballs have plummeted during the summer, so they've stopped ordering any.  It was nice to get the truth - but bless (don't) the Co-op for putting up details of the meatballs offer, knowing full well no-one could make use of it.  I thanked him, and decided to visit our local ASDA instead.  No Meatballs.

Update - after less than 3 weeks I get this -


Our Ref: 00191879     
Dear Mr Urko,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the problem you have experienced with the Central England .............. store.

This store is owned and managed by a separate Society from ourselves.

I have forwarded your complaint to them and they will contact you directly. 

Yours sincerely

Pamela Newall
Customer Careline Team 

Wonderful - but what the flip does it mean?  When is the CO-OP not the Co-OP?

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