Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ched Evans

I know, it's been done to death.  I've actually posted tons of stuff debating and arguing with folk on various forums.

One reason I did this was that I wished to test my own arguments and refine (and maybe even change) my opinion.

Not for the first time, another blogger has a well written and cogent post that expresses my sentiments perfectly, and it's here.

After I read that, I came across a tweet which had retweeted one from Beatrix Cambell, who had come across a blogger and tweeter calling himself BallsTheCat -

There were some, er similarities in the text, BallsTheCat's having been created a few days later than the one.  

Today, BallsThe Cat has disappeared from Twitter and the internet.  

Update ElleZed  ( on Twitter) has written a further post - I'd like to say "I'm the Mob" too, but I'm not sure I qualify.  I do agree with every single word she's written in the new blog entry - here

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