Monday, March 16, 2015

British Politics - A New Low

Grant Shapps gets my award for mealy-mouthed bollock-speak today.  I won't recount the story - suffice to say that a major political party should have as it's chairman a bloke with a highly questionable past in dubious "internet marketing" (is that a euphemism for spam?) speaks volumes for the kind of people they respect.

In the best traditions of Robert Armstrong, Shapps can't quite bring himself to admit he lied, so he says he "over-firmly denied" that he had a second "job" as alter-ego web marketeer Michael Green, when he was an MP.  As recently as last week he was "over-firmly denying" it.

In the best traditions of Lord Archer, Jonathan Aitken, Chris Huhne, Vicky Price  et al, it's only wrong if you get caught, deny everything and threaten legal action and hope the truth goes away.

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